Where Do You Come From- Private View

Thanasis Gavos   Friday, 1 June 2018; 6:30-8:30pm
Hellenic Centre

“Where Did I Come From…….
Where Do You Come From
Her dreaming body begins to transform and she no longer has human form
She is the Sun, the Thunder and the Wind
Guiding me,
Roaming free into the Sky and beyond the I ……..”
This collaboration between the photographer Dimitris and performance artist Agni will be exhibited at the lovely gallery of Hellenic Centre for the first time in London
Through the meeting of those two artists the work takes on new dimension, we enter mysterious world inhabited by theriantropic character : the Cosmic Fox who is a messenger of the Spirit of Nature,
And Through the beauty and mystery of the ancient land of East Mani in the Peloponnese She makes us aware of a profound connection we have with the natural world and our Universe.

Hellenic Centre,
16-18 Paddington Street,
London W1U 5AS

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