What have unskilled migrants ever done for Britain? Well…

Thanasis Gavos   Sun, 23 Oct 2016; 08:03

The subject has become a key issue in the Brexit debate: who gets in and who has to stay out. And what will Britain look like if we put up insurmountable barriers to people from other countries and cultures who want to live and work here?

The Conservative government has already been tightening up immigration controls for the very people British industries say are most needed – unskilled workers – and is considering a points-based system that would allow only the best-qualified professionals in.

Marianna Leivaditaki was raised in her family’s fish restaurant. “My dad caught the fish, my mum cooked it. I was there every night.” She came to the UK when she was 18 to study and her first job to make ends meet was working behind a vegetable and cheese market stall in Canterbury.

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