What does 2016 hold in store for Greece?

Thanasis Gavos   Thu, 7 Jan 2016; 22:21

Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government lost out in congressional elections in Venezuela, Argentina has a new center-right president, and Tsipras’ domestic political dominance seems lately very uncertain. According to recent polls, Syriza is polling at around 18 percent, down from the 36 percent of the vote they received in last September’s elections, and is now neck-and-neck with the conservatives. For those who believe that a new crisis is coming to Athens, don’t panic. This time is different. Last summer’s political turbulence has decisively weakened domestic political players to the point that they are, in fact, incapable of “negotiating” with the creditors for the terms of the program. The political system—deeply wounded, fragmented, and cash-strapped—cannot govern, thus disillusioned voters see no reason to care about politics. So no strikes, no reactions, no demonstrations, no repeat of summer 2015 is expected despite prospective deep cuts in pensions and a stubborn 25 percent unemployment rate.

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