Villagers of Ioannina City + Playground Circus

Villagers of Ioannina City (V.I.C) is an experimental psychedelic/rock band from Greece. Their unique sound is a mix of post-stoner-rock with a big dose of Greek folk/traditional music from the region of Epirus. The region’s musical tradition is characterized by polyphony and the use of clarinet. The band’s sound fuses traditional music into modern psychedelic forms. V.I.C were formed in 2007 and since then they have performed in numerous shows all over the country – many with capacity crowds in some the biggest venues in Greece. They have also participated in many of the major festivals in the country.

Their first full length album “RIZA” (Mantra Records – April 2014) was universally acknowledged by critics and audiences and received lots of excellent reviews not only from the Greek press but also from all over the world, referred by many as “Album of the year”. The limited Double LPs and CDs were immediately sold-out. Recently they have released an EP titled “Zvara/Karakolia” (Mantra Records – Nov 2014). During the last two months of 2015, V.I.C. had been touring across Europe with several sold out shows (in London, Berlin, Utrecht and Munich amongst others).

Special guests: Playground Circus.

The Garage,
20-22 Highbury Corner,
London N5 1RD.

Tickets: Advance £10.

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