Turkish police withdrawal from Greece stalls EU migration pact

Thanasis Gavos   Thu, 1 Sep 2016; 09:54

Parts of the EU-Turkey migration deal have effectively been suspended due to the withdrawal of Turkish liaison officers from Greek islands, according to the director of the UN refugee agency in Europe.

Created in March, the EU-Turkey pact aims to deter migration to Europe by ensuring the deportation of most people arriving in Greece from Turkey. In exchange for readmitting these migrants and increasing the policing of its borders, Turkey has been promised €6bn and favourable visa conditions for Turks travelling to Europe.

European politicians fear the deal will collapse should negotiations over the visa liberalisation falter. But in reality the arrangement has already stalled due to the departure of Turkish police from Greece following the failed coup in Ankara in mid-July, the UNHCR’s Vincent Cochetel said.

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