Transformations of Energy workshop

KITE Music warmly welcomes the acclaimed Stamatis Eftstathiou (director & researcher, performer’s trainer, performer and writer) from Atropos Theatre for a rare Theatre of Connection introductory Workshop, under the title “Transformations of Energy”. The workshop is addressed to professional and amateur actors and performers who are interested in anthropological theatre, in Butoh dance, in spiritual and in sacred traditions, and in voice and singing –all aspects that concern Atropos’s central […]


Brain Loving Diet: Avoid Dementia

A Health Being Institute workshop “BRAIN LOVING FOODS AND LIFESTYLE – WAYS TO AVOID DEMENTIA” In this workshop, Dr Garuth Chalfont, from the Centre for Ageing Research, University of Lancaster and Dr Eleni Tsiompanou of the Institute will discuss different natural and holistic interventions. Come and join the Health Being Institute on Saturday 25th June 11am-1:30pm at this unique workshop in the centre on London. Along with an interesting discussion, they offer ideas […]


Pontic dance workshop

With Kyriakos Moisidis Kyriakos is an internationally renowned teacher and researcher of traditional Greek Dance. Greek Pontic dance, from the Black Sea region, varies from very simple to energetic.  The music is mesmeric, with a lyrical quality arising from particular rhythmic patterns.  It has a distinctive raw earthy sound. Suitable for all ages and ability.  No experience necessary.  No partner required.  Dances are in an open circle forming an egalitarian community spirit. 3 dance workshops.  Social party […]