Sweet September

“Ένας μικρός γλυκός Σεπτέμβρης” Shake the September melancholy with the gorgeous songs of favourite singers such as Arleta, Paspala, Galani, Alexiou amongst others and beloved composers Hadjidakis, Loizos, Hadjinasios to name but a few! Join us at the Vortex Jazz Club on Wednesday 18th September at 8pm and let’s keep the summer memories alive! George Angelopoulos: bouzouki, mainland lute, mandolin Pavlos Carvalho: cello, baglama Katerina Clambaneva: vocals George Tsolakis: guitar, […]


Celebrating Tsitsanis with Plastikes Karekles

Marina Deligianni, voice Pavlos Carvalho, bouzouki Manolis Taouxis, bouzouki, voice Spiros Bolovinis, baglama, bouzouki, voice Maria Tsirodimitri, guitar, voice Sarah Carvalho-Dubost, guitar Vassilis Tsitsanis (1915-1984) is probably the greatest icon of Greek music. Born out of  the Rebetiko tradition, his music evolved into the more popular music form laiko. He is attributed with revolutionising the sound of Greek music with his special blending of modal and byzantine melodies from which an […]


Constantinople, Smyrna and Piraeus: The harbours of our hearts

Solon Lekkas and Kyriakos Gouvendas are already legends in Greek music. Together with the fantastic Vaggelis Pashalidis on the santur, they take you on a journey through the music that was shared between cultures via the gateways of these famous ports… Constantinople, Smyrna and Peiraias. These larger than life musicians infect audiences with their vitality, humour, spontaneity and deeply rooted traditional style of performance. Today they are joined by Dunja […]


Tribute to Yannis Papaioannou

Born in Kios, Asia Minor on January 18, 1913, Yiannis Papaioannou came to Greece as a refugee when he was 9-years old. He first moved with his mother and grandmother on the island of Samothrace before settling in Piraeus. After his brief stint as a footballer came to an end as a result of an injury, Papaioannou devoted himself to songwriting. He is considered by many as the first songwriter to have taken bouzouki music out of the “tekke” (drug den), making […]