In a country where everything – even life itself- is thrown to the winds – A mother and daughter stand resolute and strong until opposing ideals pull them apart. Who will betray who? Why? Can betrayal ever be justified? Americana! is a powerful play that shines a light on a Greek peasant family during the traumas of civil war, just as Greece is trying to pick herself up after the […]


Building Confidence / London Theatre-Based Masterclass

A Physical Masterclass: Building Confidence in Who We Are For 2 hours we will focus on exercises about: Building confidence with your body, your voice, and the people around you. We will learn specific exercises to release tension from the muscles, relax the body, learn how to breath correctly during stressful presentations. Status games: how can one feel confident in a public environment and out of one’s comfort zone. Acting […]


Performing Greece 2016: 2nd Annual International Conference on Contemporary Greek Theatre

Following the successful Performing Greece 2015, the 1st Annual International Conference on Contemporary Greek Theatre in the UK, the conference returns to Birkbeck, University of London in 2016. This year has seen a rise of theatrical interest in contemporary Greece, judging from the National Theatre production of the Greek-British Alexi Kaye Campbell’s play, Sunset at the Villa Thalia, which explored the tense relations of UK and US with Greece at the time of the Junta, […]



Katerina, the new play adapted for the stage and directed by Yorgos Nanouris based on “The Book of Katerina”, by Auguste Corteau, has touched, moved and shaken a growing audience already counting more than 25,000 people, winning critical acclaim. Starring Lena Papaligoura in the leading role, with live musical support by Lolek, “Katerina” presents the true story of Corteau’s bipolar mother. Right after committing suicide, Katerina embarks on a narrative […]