The Cretan Legacy

In Spring 1944, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and Greek Andartes led by Major Paddy Leigh Fermor and Captain Billy Moss, undertook one of the most daring operations of the Second World War – the kidnap of General Heinrich Kreipe, Commander 22 Air Landing Division, from the heart of Nazi-occupied Crete. This heroic endeavour, immortalised in Billy Moss’s best-selling book, Ill Met by Moonlight, subsequently became a major film starring […]


Hazardous operations: British SOE agents in Nazi-occupied Greece and the strain of clandestine warfare

During the Second World War, small teams of elite Allied soldiers were dispatched into Occupied Greece to fight alongside local guerrillas. Most were agents of the Special Operations Executive, a secret British organisation tasked with encouraging resistance and carrying out sabotage behind enemy lines. From Crete to Thessaly and Thrace, SOE personnel shared the dangers and straitened circumstances of the Greeks they had come to help – and suffered accordingly. […]