The Passion Crossroad- Pasiones Cruzadas

Tangos/Contemporary music compositions from Argentina meet Smyrni traditional songs from Greece in ‘The Passion Crossroad- Pasiones Cruzadas’.   Programme will include: Medieval and Renaissance traditional songs (Cyprus) Tangos/Contemporary music compositions (Argentina) Smyrni Traditional songs (Greece)   Sources of clear primitive power of life Rebirth of the World through the people and the vibration of their music Poetry that carries the Soul in an ecstatic journey The Passion Crossroad in Human […]


From Constantinoupolis To Smyrna

A musical show dedicated to Constantinoupolis & Smyrna. With well known musicians & singers. Katerina Barotsaki will take you back to history & bring you all memories of the lost towns of Contstantinoupolis & Smyrna. Including songs based on those who lost their homes and became refugees, but they still have hopes of returning back home. PRODUCED BY FATHER JOSEPH PALIOURAS & VASILIS PANAYIS TICKETS: £20 | £15 Book here. […]