Theodorakis: The love songs, by Plastikes Karekles

Mikis Theodorakis is known very much as a political activist. Much of his music reflects this deep involvement in politics. However, today we will be setting politics aside and performing the love songs of this great composer. Nostalgic, melodic, profound… music is set to the poetry of writers such as Ritsos and Seferis, these songs continue to be sung throughout Greece today. There might even be time to squeeze in […]


Epitaphios, with Plastikes Karekles – Manchester

Plastikes Karekles are playing their arrangement of Theodorakis/Ritsos’s Epitaphios and also a programme of classic Rebetika songs in Manchester at the Royal Northern College of Music. Rebetiko is the music of an urban sub culture called ‘Rebetes’. It emerged in Greece in the 1920s bringing a rich synthesis of music from all over Greece, Asia minor, Ottoman modal art music, Byzantine chant and cafe music. The music expresses the pain and […]