A dog called Friki

Tickets will be released soon The love comedy “A dog called Friki – Ένας σκύλος που τον έλεγαν Friki” describes the second chance that life gives to a couple. Margaret breaks up with her boyfriend after years of fighting, and decides to build her life from scratch. She finds a job and moves in a flat in the city centre. But in the apartment next door there is an unpleasant […]


To Psema

  The story: One evening two couples meet for a dinner. Alice and Paul have been friends for years with Michel and Lauren. Alice saw Michel kissing with another woman. Will she tell Lauren about it? What will happen by the end of the night? A comedy for everyone who is looking for the truth, but they would really prefer a lie. It’s tricky to tell the truth, when the truth […]


‘ALL AS ONE kiss me’ – Stamatis Kraounakis

  It’s with great pleasure and excitement that Prosopa Events present the musical theatre show “ALL AS ONE” kiss me, of Stamatis Kraounakis & Speira Speira on Friday, 27th January 2017 at the Union Chapel, London   Tickets now available! Eventbrite Union Chapel     STAMATIS KRAOUNAKIS ‘ALL AS ONE’ kiss me ‘ΟΛΟΙ ΕΝΑ’ φίλα με   Under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and the […]