ΠατρΕίδα – Home – a seen- land

A new poetry composition by Yannis Efthymiadis expressing the subjective look of the poet for a lost country, for a new homeland to be born and prompting us to take on our debt to beauty and truth. Yannis Efthymiades will discuss, in English, his new work with Dr Liana Giannakopoulou, Cambridge University and Maria Margaronis, London-based journalist and translator. Organised by the Hellenic Centre and the Society for Modern Greek Studies. Free entry; booking essential Phone: 02075639835 Email: [email protected] […]


Echoing Word, poetry by Dimitris Kakalidis

“Echoing Word… from the infinite to the world, from the world to the human, from the human to the self.” The journey is fulfilled.   A poetic trilogy by Greek poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis, three stations of the humans’ journey, of every human, of the entire humankind towards the revealing of the greatness within and around it. First stop is the narration of the Creation’s miracle; the second one […]


Change of Guard

“Homerics are the Epics of our life, I don’t object, but tell me… if finally Ithaka is part of the myth, or if truth deals with its myth, for the Trojan Wars between Youth and experience! Dedicated to men and women… who ”emigrate” from Youth to Experience distributing a piece of hope to all those that are seeking ”their own” Ithaka… ( Clelia Charissis) As part of the International Poetry […]


Χώρος – Χρόνος (Time- Space)

Presentation of poetry collection by Konstantina Kolokythas Stanatelopoulou. Free entry; booking essential. Phone: 07973573820 Email: [email protected]   The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, London W1U 5AS


And I sing. I bear the chants, word and poetry, wisdom and clay.

Passing through the narration of the entire miracle of Creation, the poet Dimitris Kakalidis leads us – with the second part of his poetic trilogy “Fallen Paradise Holly Matter” – to the next stop of the journey, where the human being is called to see all forms through different eyes; where people, animals, plants, all kinds of objects without exception, Matter in total, becomes an object of admiration, and through […]


Beyond the Earth, beyond the mind, beyond the myth – A story true

A presentation in English and Greek of the poetic trilogy by the contemporary Greek poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis. Free entry; booking essential at [email protected] Organised by Omilos Eksipiretiton. The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, London W1U 5AS


International Poetry Competition 2016

Part of the London Greek Film Festival 2016 (15-21 May 2016) Poems accepted in Greek and/or English language, from: Greek Origin Poets from all over the world, with no specific subject in their poems (Greek Diaspora & Greek-Cypriots included), or Non Greek Origin Poets from all over the world,with poems related to Greece (i.e. subject, myths, history, locations, philosophy, modern life, literature, theatre, science). Poems must be no more than 150 words and can […]