Celebrating Mitsakis, with Plastikes Karekles

£ 10.00 – £12.00 / Age All Ages A celebration of Rebetiko and more Additional Info: Celebrating Mitsakis, with Plastikes Karekles Born in Istanbul in 1921, Giorgos Mitsakis started his career as a bouzouki player in 1937. Mitsakis’s career, both as a songwriter and a composer, took off after the Second World War. For Mitsakis song writing was telling a story and he was known not only for his beautiful […]


Plastikes Karekles play Attik/Souyioul

“Plastikes Karekles represent a culture of reinvention as defiant and hopeful as the music itself.” –Songlines magazine Tickets: Plastikes Karekles venture beyond rebetiko in a concert of Greek Retro music. The two greatest composers of this music are Souyioul and Attic, and we will be performing our favourite songs from both these composers. The music is beautifully lyrical and sentimental and included many tangos and boleros, which became a […]


Plastikes Karekles at The Chichester Festival

“Plastikes Karekles represent a culture of reinvention as defiant and hopeful as the music itself.” Songlines magazine “These musicians wowed a captivated audience…they had people dancing in the aisles and evoked memories of sunnier climes” – Nottingham Press TICKETS: Adults £12 Students £8 Children over 6 years £5 at the Novium or on the door. The Novium, Tower Street, Chichester PO19 1QH Tel: 01243 816525 Website: email: [email protected] Concert […]


Celebrating Tsitsanis with Plastikes Karekles

Marina Deligianni, voice Pavlos Carvalho, bouzouki Manolis Taouxis, bouzouki, voice Spiros Bolovinis, baglama, bouzouki, voice Maria Tsirodimitri, guitar, voice Sarah Carvalho-Dubost, guitar Vassilis Tsitsanis (1915-1984) is probably the greatest icon of Greek music. Born out of  the Rebetiko tradition, his music evolved into the more popular music form laiko. He is attributed with revolutionising the sound of Greek music with his special blending of modal and byzantine melodies from which an […]


You ‘ve arrived like the spring

Ήρθες σας την άνοιξη / You’ve arrived like the spring – The HC Easter Celebration with live music by members of Plastikes Karekles This year’s Hellenic Centre Easter Celebration features members of the London based group Plastikes Karekles performimg Greek love songs ranging from the early 40s to our days: Greek tangos, waltzes, rebetika, folk and popular songs, original compositions or famous European songs translated into Greek. Join us on […]


Postcards from Greece with Plastikes Karekles

An evening of traditional Greek food and Rebetika with music from the greatest names of the genre including Tsitsanis, Chiotis, Vamvakaris as well as some more contemporary greats such as Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Xarhakos and more. This much anticipated special performance is being performed by the highly acclaimed Plastikes Karekles, arguably the finest group of musicians currently performing rebetika in the UK. Any proceeds from this event will be donated to […]


Plastikes Karekles At King’s Place, Equator WOW Festival

Join us as we come to King’s Place with a 9 piece band of bouzoukia, guitar, accordion, cello, viola, percussion double bass and singer to play a selection of our most beloved Greek songs. It is as part of the Equator, Women of the World festival and it is a real honour for us to be asked to take part. Please come and support this fantastic event. Marina Deligianni, voice […]


Musicians of London for Athens

In light of the recent tragedy that hit the suburbs of Athens, where wildfires left dozens of people dead, and hundreds more missing and injured, Greek folk musicians of London and their friends are holding a fundraising concert. This Saturday 28th July join Cigdem Aslan and Tahir Palali, Athur Methau, Mutsumi Abe, and members of the bands Anatolian Collective, Amaraterra, Nefes, Pakaw, Peran, Peyman Heydarian and the Voice of the […]


Theodorakis: The love songs, by Plastikes Karekles

Mikis Theodorakis is known very much as a political activist. Much of his music reflects this deep involvement in politics. However, today we will be setting politics aside and performing the love songs of this great composer. Nostalgic, melodic, profound… music is set to the poetry of writers such as Ritsos and Seferis, these songs continue to be sung throughout Greece today. There might even be time to squeeze in […]


Greek Music Workshop (Choir & Orchestra)

Once Upon A Time in Greece…  a celebration of music from the Mediterranean II   Calling all young musicians from 6-18 – Choir, bouzouki, guitar, violin, viola, cello, flute, mandolin etc.   Get up, Sing, Play & Dance   Greek Music Children’s Workshop & Performance is designed for children and young people aged 6 to 18 years old from every community living in London.   The workshop, will be led by […]


Once upon a time in Greece

“Plastikes Karekles represent a culture of reinvention as defiant and hopeful as the music itself.” – Song Lines magazine Once Upon a Time in Greece is a Plastikes Karekles project that takes us on a journey through different golden eras of Greek music. Starting from the music of Smyrna and Asia minor, through to Rebetiko, Arhondorebetiko, then more popular Laiko music. We continue our journey making stops at the beautifully […]


Voices from Greece: poetry and music, with Plastikes Karekles

An evening of the most beautiful poetry from Greece set to music. Poetry of protest, rebellion, love and hope. With the album “Epitaphios” where Theodorakis set the heart breaking poetry of Ritsos to music using musicians and instruments born from the rebetiko era the barrier between underground music and “high art poetry” was broken. The collaborations that then followed between composers such as Markopoulos, Hadjidakis, Moutsis, Andrionopoulos, Tranoudakis and poets […]