More Dashing: Further Letters of Patrick Leigh Fermor

Launch of Adam Sisman’s new book. Organised by the Patrick Leigh Fermor Society. Free entry but non-member attendees are invited to make a donation;booking essential. Email:[email protected] Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, London W1U 5AS


A Benaki Museum event for the Leigh Fermor House

A Benaki Museum event for the Patrick Leigh Fermor House. Speakers: Irini Geroulanou Member of the Board of Trustees and Member of the Executive Committee, Benaki Museum The Benaki Museum and the Leigh Fermor donation: what has been done so far George Manginis Academic Director and Member of the Executive Committee, Benaki Museum The operation of the Patrick Leigh Fermor House: brainstorming for the future John Kittmer Writer and former Ambassador […]


The Frankish Castle of Megali Maini (Grand Magne)

Where in the Mani was the Frankish Castle of Megali Maini (Grand Magne)? A New Synthesis of the Evidence An illustrated lecture in English by Michael Heslop, Royal Holloway, University of London, accompanied by an exhibition of photographs entitled Patrick Leigh Fermor and the Castles of the Mani: Embellishment or Intrusion? Free entry; booking essential: 020 7563 9835 or [email protected] Organised by the Hellenic Centre and the Patrick Leigh Fermor […]


Patrick Leigh Fermor and SOE in Crete

A lecture in English by Costas Mamalakis, Crete’s leading expert on the Second World War and the resistance in Crete. Consultant in Modern History to the Historical Museum of Crete, Costas has been the moving force behind the publication of several memoirs of the resistance, including the most recent: ‘Tom J. Dunbabin: An Archaeologist at War’. Costas will be spending the week prior to this presentation reviewing documents in the PLF Archive in Edinburgh, and […]