Greek Entehno night part II at Jam in a Jar

Greek Entehno night at Jam in a Jar We will be jamming our favourite Entehno tunes at Jam in a Jar Wednesday 12th June. Entehno arose at late 50’s and is a big part of Greek music; it contains elements from Greek folk rhythm and melody. The event will start 21.00 and finish 23.00 Free entrance 🙂 The band Marina Deligianni vocals George Tsolakis vocals/guitar Dimitris Gionis bouzouki/guitar George Angelopoulos […]


Marinella tribute

Marinella is one of the most popular Greek female singers, whose career has spanned over several decades. Even though Marinella is often considered a singer of folk songs, her range is quite broad and has included a variety of musical styles including traditional, laika, pop, blues, and jazz. Marinella is characterised as “The Great Lady of Song” in Greece, where she is regarded with great respect. She has released 66 […]


Arhontorebetika with Plastikes Karekles

Plastikes Karekles presenting Arhontorebetika : Arhontorebetika’ style became a very popular genre in Greek music in the 1950s and 1960s being a cross between Rebetiko and the ‘light’ music, both equally popular at the time. Its upbeat rhythm, light-hearted themes and easy-listening tunes were loved by all social classes and served by composers from both genres. In this concert we will play the all-time classics of ‘Arhontorebetika’ and the short […]


Theodorakis: The Love Songs with Plastikes Karekles

This coming Wednesday at Jamboree, a sweet night devoted to the love songs of Greek legend Mikis Theodorakis, as played by Plastikes Karekles. Theodorakis is known very much as a political activist. Much of his music reflects this deep involvement in politics. However, for this night the band will be setting politics aside and performing his nostalgic, melodic and profound love songs, set to the poetry of writers such as […]


Songs of Smyrna

Marina Deligianni (vocals), Spyros Bolovinis (bouzouki) and Maria Tsirodimitri (guitar) bring to us “Smyrneika” the songs born in the Anatolian tavern of Smyrna (Izmir) of the early 20th century. Their intricate melodies reflect the musical influence of Smyrna’s Turkish, Armenian and Jewish population and their lyrics talk about love, nostalgia and the celebration of life. Following the destruction of Smyrna in 1922 the refugees from Smyrna brought with them to […]


Bouzouki Whiskey And Swing

Although we will still have a sprinkling of early rebetika this coming Sunday, Marina’s and Pavlos’s focus will be on songs that have a touch of jazz and swing about them… many songs by Mitsakis and Hiotis as well as others. We welcome our dear friend Giorgos Alevizakis, who will be playing guitar for us this week and as always, there will hopefully be some appearances from random friends who might […]


Rebetiko Carnival 2016 – full list of gigs

For the serious fans of Rebetiko there are ticket bundles that will allow you to join more concerts at a better price. For further information on the available offers and to book click here. What you need to know about the concerts Limited number of tickets will also be available at the door, even when online tickets are sold out, however to avoid disappointment it is good to book in advance. […]