Autumn Kantades Ionian evening

The Ionian Executive Committee and the President Maria Andipa will be happy to see you at the Autumn Kantades Ionian evening; with live music by Pavlos, singing, dancing and get together, as well as a four course meal and a glass of wine. Your contribution will help raise funds for The Children in Need, the much needed charity during this very critical financial situation in Greece. Event information and bookings: […]


Autumn kantades evening

Have fun, meet one another and raise funds for the charity The Children In Need. Your contribution and any donations given will be a great help for this critical time in Greece. Tickets £30; price includes four course meal, one glass of wine and live music by Pavlos. Further information and bookings on 07808777946, 02075892371, [email protected] or [email protected] Organised by the Ionian Society. Jakob’s, 20 Gloucester Road, London SW7


Masque kantades evening

Kantades (Serenades) are the characteristic songs of the Ionian island region, which have been influenced by Italian music and are sung by men with deep voices using Greek lyrics. Its name comes from the word “cadare” which means “sing” in Italian. In the oldest usage, which survives in informal form to the present day, a serenade is a musical greeting performed for a lover, friend, person of rank or other […]