Rules and the Disruptive Power of Desires

A lively discussion around the current solo exhibition of Kalliopi Lemos, All is to Be Dared, as we reflect on the role of desire and obsessions as key elements able to challenge the basic structure of power. Kalliopi Lemos , exhibiting artist Christian Oxenius, curator Jim Fitzerald, senior Jungian analytical psychotherapist The talk will be accompanied by a book launch published for the exhibition All is to Be Dared with signed copies available […]


Kalliopi Lemos – All is to Be Dared

Oxenius points that, filtered through verses of the ancient Greek poetess Sappho, Kalliopi Lemos, with All is to Be Dared, explores and unveils the thin space occupied by our most intimate obsessions, our objects of desire; a space that Lemos questions in all its complexity leading us from a soft and tender embrace to its sharpest and most dark edges; a space in which we find our psyche cut open by […]