Katerina Polemi and her Band Concert & Party

Celebrating The Hellenic Centre’s 25th Anniversary Join us for an evening of music and dancing by Katerina Polemi. Returning to the Hellenic centre for her second appearance Katerina and her band will perform music from around the globe; from Brazil’s passionate rhythms to New Orlean’s jazzy swing and from Chicago’s soul blues to Greece’s Mediterranean melodies. Continue to celebrate with a party with music by DJ Avgoustinos (Avgoustinos Galiassos) from […]



In a country where everything – even life itself- is thrown to the winds – A mother and daughter stand resolute and strong until opposing ideals pull them apart. Who will betray who? Why? Can betrayal ever be justified? Americana! is a powerful play that shines a light on a Greek peasant family during the traumas of civil war, just as Greece is trying to pick herself up after the […]


Portrait of an Author

A presentation of the work and life of Greek Cypriot author Nicole Anna Maniati by Dr Kiki Sonidou. Readings of excerpts from a selection of the author’s books (13 in total) by soprano Katerina Mina. Under the Auspices of His Excellency the High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Euripides L. Evriviades. More info Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, London W1U 5AS


Piano Recital with Georgios Vardakis

A musical journey of three different periods performed by pianist Georgios Vardakis It includes a few sonatas composed by the Baroque composer Domenico Scarlatti. He composed in total more 550 sonatas for keyboard and it is believed by many pianists that they are the foundation of piano technique. Seven fantasies by Johannes Brahms composed in 1892. All together they form a piece which projects Brahms idiom at its highest level. From […]


Exhibition of GENIUS LOCI-Ioannis Kissonergis and British Landscape

GENIUS LOCI – Ioannis Kissonerghis and British Landscape Painters Aiming at illuminating the first steps of Cypriot art in the early 20th century, the exhibition, organised for the Hellenic Centre’s 25th Anniversary, will examine the relationship between Ioannis Kissonerghis and the landscape painting tradition created in Cyprus by traveller-artists, in particular British visitors or temporary residents of the island. This connection will be traced in the works of such artists […]


Karaghiozis and the Riddles of the Vizier’s Daughter

Shadow theatre puppet in Greek by Thodoris Kostidakis Shadow theatre puppet in Greek by Thodoris Kostidakis – an experienced shadow puppeteer, drama therapist and member of the Greek Association of Shadow Theatre. While everybody tries to solve the riddles set by the Vizier’s daughter in order to earn her hand in marriage, Karaghiozis gets involved and messes everything up. After the performance, the children will have the opportunity to participate […]


49 Days in Hell – book launch (in Greek)

Λίγα λόγια για το βιβλίο από τον συγγραφέα Σάββα Παυλίδη. «Η μαρτυρία μου για όσα έζησα στην Κύπρο το 1974» Το βιβλίο αυτό αποτελεί εμπλουτισμένη έκδοση του προσωπικού ημερολογίου, το οποίο τηρούσα την περίοδο της επιστράτευσής μου μετά από την τουρκική εισβολή στην Κύπρο, από τις 20 του Ιούλη μέχρι τις 6 του Σεπτέμβρη του 1974 (σαράντα εννιά συνολικά μέρες). Περιλαμβάνει τα οδυνηρά προσωπικά μου βιώματα, όπως τα έζησα τότε, […]


You ‘ve arrived like the spring

Ήρθες σας την άνοιξη / You’ve arrived like the spring – The HC Easter Celebration with live music by members of Plastikes Karekles This year’s Hellenic Centre Easter Celebration features members of the London based group Plastikes Karekles performimg Greek love songs ranging from the early 40s to our days: Greek tangos, waltzes, rebetika, folk and popular songs, original compositions or famous European songs translated into Greek. Join us on […]


Exhibition ‘Woman Of Cyprus’ opening

Exhibition from the collection of A.Nicolas tracing the historical journey of the woman of Cyprus. Exhibition from the collection of A.Nicolas, under the auspices of Mr Euripides L Evriviades, His Excellency The High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus. The exhibition is supported by AG Leventis Foundation and organised by the Hellenic Centre. This event is part of the celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of the Hellenic Centre An exhibition […]


The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra concert for Hellenic Centre’s 25th anniversary

The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra in Residence at the University of Oxford, is delighted to present this concert celebrating the Hellenic Centre’s 25th anniversary. Join the Orchestra and their Music Director Marios Papadopoulos for a special programme celebrating Greece. Artists: Conductor: Marios Papadopoulos Piano: Christodoulos Georgiades Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra Programme to Include: HALEVY (arr. WARD): Overture to La Reine de Chypre SKALKOTTAS: Greek Dances: Epirotikos; Arkadikos; Kleftikos CHRISTODOULOS GEORGIADIS: Anima […]


Rethinking language education in the UK’s Greek Cypriot diaspora

A talk by Dr Petros Karatsareas Like many other minorities in the UK, the Greek Cypriot diaspora has established a well-developed network of after-hours schools that complement the education young members of the community receive in mainstream schools. Complementary schools, known in the community as Ελληνικά Παροικιακά Σχολεία (Elliniká Parikiaká Scholeía), have as their main aim to teach Greek as a heritage language and to use it to transmit core […]


Paniyiri with Kourelou and the London Greek Collective

On this special Monday we celebrate the end of Carnival. Six musicians from Kourelou and the London Greek Collective are putting on a ‘Paniyiri’ with music from all over Greece. Further to their Sweden concert, headline-show at Dublin Greek Film Festival and a series of UK performances including Womad Festival, BBC radio 3, Kourelou & the London Greek Collective -6 piece band – are performing at the Hellenic Centre for […]