Conscious Eating by Health Being Institute

Healthy eating has to do with what we eat, what we absorb & how we eat. We can combine conscious eating to all these aspects: primarily by eating with attention, mindfully but also, by learning to eat according to our type & choosing foods that are from a sustainable source. Practicing to cook and eat consciously can affect our health & being in tangible & intangible ways: – by reducing […]


Body types, Personality and Health

The Health Being Institute workshop ‘Body types, personality and health – from ancient teachings to modern science’ will take place on Saturday 30th of September 2017 11am- 1:30pm, Central London. I’m really pleased to have a co-presenter Angeliki Kompoholi from Greece. Angeliki brings an in-depth knowledge of Ancient Greek and literature and, a skill in bringing this timeless philosophy and wisdom to life, making them relevant to our everyday world. From ancient traditions, human types have been […]


Brain Loving Diet: Avoid Dementia

A Health Being Institute workshop “BRAIN LOVING FOODS AND LIFESTYLE – WAYS TO AVOID DEMENTIA” In this workshop, Dr Garuth Chalfont, from the Centre for Ageing Research, University of Lancaster and Dr Eleni Tsiompanou of the Institute will discuss different natural and holistic interventions. Come and join the Health Being Institute on Saturday 25th June 11am-1:30pm at this unique workshop in the centre on London. Along with an interesting discussion, they offer ideas […]