Celebrating Mitsakis, with Plastikes Karekles

£ 10.00 – £12.00 / Age All Ages A celebration of Rebetiko and more Additional Info: Celebrating Mitsakis, with Plastikes Karekles Born in Istanbul in 1921, Giorgos Mitsakis started his career as a bouzouki player in 1937. Mitsakis’s career, both as a songwriter and a composer, took off after the Second World War. For Mitsakis song writing was telling a story and he was known not only for his beautiful […]


Rebet Asker Greek Roots at the Green Note

Doors open: 2pm Music starts 2.30pm Tickets: £7, Free for children up to and including 6 years old. Marina Deligianni, voice Pavlov Carvalho, bouzouki, voice Maria Tsirodimitri, guitar, voice Last month we went big with the Rebetiko Carnival Big Band! This month we bring things down to a more intimate atmosphere with a trio of musicians playing an acoustic set of Rebetiko. Come and enjoy some classic Rebetika favourites at […]


Celebrating Zabetas with Plastikes Karekles

£ 10.00 – £12.00 / Age All Ages ZABETAS is known for his very special and personal sound both as a bouzouki player and composer. As a show man he was unique . An artist that if he was born in the States he would be a world famous artist Leyteris Papadopoulos Zabetas is one of the warmest, relatable and talented Greek musicians of all time. His catchy, melodic songs, […]


THE BIG BAND is back… again!

REBETIKO CARNIVAL FUNDRAISER. Doors open: 2pm Music starts: 2.30pm Tickets: at the door, only. £7, FREE for children up to 6 years old. (No table or seating reservations possible. First come, first serve). After the crazy fun and musical ecstasy of our December and March acoustic Big Band gigs, musicians from some of London’s favourite bands, Plastikes Karekles, Peran, Kourelou, come together…again…to celebrate Rebetiko and raise money for the Rebetiko […]


The Big Band is back

After the success of our December acoustic Big Band gig, musicians from London’s favourite bands, Plastikes Karekles, Peran, Amalgama, Kourelou, come together again to celebrate Rebetiko and raise money for the Rebetiko Carnival Charity. Come and enjoy an afternoon of the most loved rebetiko songs…plus a few unkown beauties, with an orchestra of bouzoukia, baglamas, guitars, singers and whoever else can make it. The band…so far: Marina Deligianni, voice Olcay […]


Rebet Asker Greek Roots Series: Classic Rebetika

Doors open: 2pm Music starts: 2.30pm Tickets: (Only available at the door) £7, FREE for children up to the age of 6 years old. Marina Deligainni, voice Maria Tsirodimitri, voice, guitar Spiros Bolovinis, voice, bouzouki/baglama Pavlos Carvalho, voice, bouzouki/baglama Dear Friends. Come and join us for an afternoon of classic rebetika. As ever they are beautiful, soulful, funny…with singing melodies and infectious rhythms. Sing with us…dance with us. Remember, we […]


Rebetika New Year Celebration at The Green Note!

Doors Open, 2pm, Music starts, 2.30pm Tickets (at the door only) £7, Free for children up to and including 6 years old. Join us to welcome in the New Year with song and dance. All the most regular musicians of this series, will come together to play rebetika favourites and invite you to join in with good voice and best wishes for 2019. Family, friends, young and old are always […]


The crossroad

On Sunday 11th November we invite you back at the Green Note for our Rebet Asker Series afternoon. As we are enjoying the last days of autumn and it gets colder and closer to winter , this sunday we will present a list of songs that some are called rebetika and some are called laika; we could not help ourselves deciding so we found ourselves on a musical crossroad and […]


Amalgama at the Green Note

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be playing at the basement bar of the iconic Green Note in Camden on Wednesday the 27th of June 2018! During this intimate event the audience will listen to an amalgam of beloved entechno, traditional and old laiko songs which bear the signature of artists such as Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Nikos Papazoglou, Hainides, Manos Loizos, Stavros Xarhakos and more. Tickets are available online for £7. […]


Classic Rebetika At The Green Note

Join us for our regular after noon of beloved REBETIKA songs. We will be playing an afternoon of classic rebetika songs from all our favourite composers, so do come and join us for another beautiful, intimate matinee at the Green Note! As always, we encourage you to bring the family…young children, brothers, sisters, parents, grand parents, friends…you are all most welcome! Doors will open at 14.00pm Music will start at […]


Planodeioi and Vassiliki Tsiftsi, Rebetika and Laika

ΠλανΩδειοι (Planodeioi) is a group of musicians who with dedication, artistry and their particular aesthetic revive music from the Greek popular and folk repertoire. They are fast becoming one of the most popular and loved bands in Greece, and it is with a great pleasure to have them at Rebetiko Carnival 2018. For this evening’s performance the band will present a set of songs from the first period of Greek […]


Bouzouki, Swing and all that Jazz

With the opening of the Rebetiko Carnival our matinée at the Green Note is transferred for the 18th February and we are hoping to avoid confusion! Come and join us for another chilled afternoon, bring your friends and your children and lets sing our favourite rebetiko tunes! Pavlos Carvalho , bouzouki/voice Spiros Bolovinis , bouzouki/voice Giorgos Alevizakis,guitar Marina Deligianni,voice Doors open at 14.00 and music starts at 14.30 tickets: £7 […]