Muses Of The Mediterranean: Vicky Anastasiou, Beyond Rebetika

Muses of the Mediterranean: Vicky Anastasiou, voice Maria Tsirodimitri-guitar/voice Pavlos Carvalho-bouzouki/voice BEYOND REBETIKA Vicky Anastasiou sings a programme of music ranging from rebetika through to more contemporary Greek music. Toundas, Tsitsanis to Zabetas, Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, Kougioumdzis and more. Music born from poverty and suppression that gradually journeyed into the concert halls and radios and into every household, becoming the very make up of the Greek identity. Songs about love, hate, […]


Greek Night with Live Music at Balabam

Join us in our special medley of Greek music! Travel in space and time with our wonderful musicians as they explore styles from all over Greece and its rich musical heritage! The uniqueness in Greek music lies in its dance moves… So wear your dancing shoes! Prepare for a Greek-themed party full of Opas! …and (imaginary) plate-breaking! Featuring: Dunja Botic : vocals Nikos Ziarkas : lute Thodoris Ziarkas : lyra […]


Sounds of the Hellenic world

An afternoon and evening celebrating the musical traditions of Greece, followed by a morning workshop on music and the current crisis in Greece. Hosted by the Department of Classics, the Centre for Hellenic Studies and the Department of Music, with the collaboration of the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, and the Athens Conservatoire. Thanks to generous additional sponsorship, this event, including the Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet concert, is now FREE OF CHARGE […]