Pontiako & Kritiko glendi

Pontos and Crete come together for yet another Greek Folk Dance Festival (GFDF) event. This will be the first time where such an event will have taken place in London/UK combining both areas and we can’t wait to see the community together again. Just like previous events, we are expecting a huge turnout so we highly recommend early booking to secure your place. ​​ Advanced tickets £17 (Adults) and £6 […]


Cretan performance & dance workshop

The Figoura School of Greek dance is proud to annouce their participation in this years Dance Around The World (DATW) dance festival with live music by Cretan Brioche. The performance division shall be putting their best ‘dancing feet’ forward and representing and promoting Greece at this multicutural event held in London’s iconic Camden Town. They shall be running a Cretan dance workshop from 11am followed by a 20 minute staged […]


Thrakiotiko Glendi – Θρακιώτικο γλέντι (London)

The GFDF brings you another big 2 day weekend offering a fantastic oportunity to see for the first time in London the very popular Thracian band ‘Thrakomelo’ from Greece. They will be playing in our familiar open space venue in Palmers Green, North London. Event ends at 10:00pm on Saturday and 8:00pm on Sunday. Advanced ticket booking is required. http://www.figoura.co.uk/upcoming-events Tickets will not be sold at the door. Everyone (adults […]


Figoures & Taximia

Μια παραγωγή από το χορευτικό σύλλογο “Figoura”. Έξι από μας και ακόμα ένα κρητικό σύνολο. Καλεσμένος ο εξαιρετικός παραδοσιακός τραγουδιστής Κώστας Μήτσης. Δέκα μουσικοί και πολλοί χορευτές. £35 με φαγητό. Επίσης, ένα δωρεάν μπουκάλι κρασί για ομαδικές κρατήσεις των τεσσάρων ατόμων. Πληροφορίες: 0779 090 1838 Κρατήσεις: http://www.figoura.co.uk/events ……………………..……………………..……. This is by far the biggest Figoura Christmas party to date. A figoura (as well as being our name) is an improvisation […]


Kritiko Glendi – Cretan music fest

UK’s  second Greek Folk Dance Festival (GFDF) is finally here! The GFDF brings you another big 2-day weekend offering a fantastic opportunity to see for the second time in London the very popular 4-piece Cretan band from Crete, bought back due to popular demand. They will be playing in our familiar open space venue in Palmers Green, North London where there will be plenty of space for dancing all your favourite Cretan melodies.  As always, there […]