Dionysis Savvopoulos’ Concert – A Review

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to see once more, Dionysis Savvopoulos (aka Nionios) perform live. It was better than I expected. Before I start I feel that I should thank Ark4Art for giving us the opportunity to experience Dionysis here in London. Especially in such a lovely venue such as the Union Chapel. The 8 o’clock start might felt a bit late but gave people time to grab something to eat […]


Dionysis Savvopoulos euGreeka interview

Dionysis Savvopoulos is coming to London for a great concert! Prior to his visit here, our own Kostas Voros met him at the Stavros Niarhos Cultural Foundation in Athens on January the 3rd and watched him performing “Siderogiannos” (Σιδερόγιαννος), an old Greek folk tale. Appealing to both young and old, Savvopoulos confirmed what a great storyteller he is, narrating eloquently the story and accompanying it with his guitar. Don’t miss […]