A journey to Crete – Gosmanis/ Ziarkas/ Pav Mav

Balabam presents a journey to the music of Crete brought to you by some of the pioneers of the Cretan music scene in London, the young Lyra prodigy Vangelis Gosmanis and Pav Mav, Nikos Ziarkas from Balothizer. Vangelis Gosmanis – Cretan Lyra Pav Mav – Vocals, Percussion Nikos Ziarkas- Cretan Lute • in collaboration with Figoura – school of dance Admission £7 Figoura students £4   Balabam, 58-60 High Road, […]


Greek Night: Peran

Peran is a a prominent London band of the rebetiko scene. The name comes from a neighbourhood in Istanbul where Greeks and Turks have lived together for centuries, forming the basis of the music genre. The band’s repertoire consists of melodic songs from the port of Piraeus in the 30’s, through the WW 2, and the ensuing Greek civil war, to the rebetiko revival of the 50’s. Tapas and wines […]


Cretan music band at Il Fornello

Michalis Polichronakis and his four-member band, bring together sounds from every corner of Crete, in a performance which tracks the route of Cretan music through time: from “Rizitiko”, the ancient Cretan songs that survived to our days by oral tradition, to the legacy of the 20th century Masters of Cretan music, to compositions of his own and of other modern remarkable Cretan artists. The lyra and the lute are engaging harmoniously […]