Recollections concert – Swansea

The inescapable hurdles, distractions and responsibilities associated with life postponed this musically uneducated academic’s dream of producing and releasing his music. Until now.   Professor Antonis Simintiras, a business school dean and avocational weekend composer for over 40 years, has released Recollections — an orchestral compilation album of his favourite melodies, reflecting important moments in his life as inspired by family, friends, colleagues, and students.   The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will perform the inaugural recital […]


Classical music event at The Holy Cross and St Michael’s church

‘Romantics, Revolutionaries and Minimalists’ Από τον Ρομαντισμό στην Επανάσταση και στον Μινιμαλισμό. The music of J. Haydn, D.D. Shostakovich and T. Riley by St Michael’s Quartet. Το St Michael’s Quartet ακολουθεί την συναρπαστική εξέλιξη της μουσικής μέσα από τις συνθέσεις των J. Haydn, D. D. Shostakovich & T. Riley στον ναό του Τιμίου Σταυρού & Αρχαγγέλου Μιχαήλ. £10 tickets. Call the following number or send an email to the address […]


Song of the Soul

An evening of music to awaken, heal and empower the soul Greek Mezzo-soprano Eleni Katerini and versatile Russian musician Alexandre Naoumenko invite you to an evening of mindfulness, spirituality and pure emotion through the powerful music of Handel, Rossini, Puccini , Ravel, Strauss, Massenet, Mompou, Theodorakis. The programme includes two new works by Alexandre Naoumenko. Guest artists Narrated by actress Sara Laratro. FREE ADMISSION: Donations Welcome Doors open at 6.30 […]