Once And Future Europe

At Marchland we’re fascinated by the cultural history of the legendary states that once straddled Europe’s borders. For the three shows that make up this session we asked the artists involved to, in the words of Rimbaud, remember Europe and her ancient ramparts. This is work that explores the influence of those half-imaginary places on the European psyche, and how their legacy continues to influence our notions of identity and […]


C.P. Cavafy: The Poetics of History and the Music of Poetry (2nd day)

11.15-11.30     Introduction: Roderick Beaton (King’s College London) 11.30-13.00     Cavafy, music & history Chair: Martin Stokes (Department of Music, King’s College London) Alexandros Charkiolakis (Director, Friends of Music Society, Athens), Other musical settings of Cavafy’s poetry­ Panos Vlagopoulos (Ionian University, Corfu), Sprechgesang and the hybrid: Mitropoulos reading Cavafy Polina Tambakaki (King’s College London), C. P. Cavafy (1863-1933), music and history: the ‘musical ear’ of an ‘ultra-modern poet’ – some suggestions 13.00-14.00     Lunch break (sandwich lunch provided) 14.00-16.00     Cavafy, poetics & history Chair: Angelos Chaniotis (Institute for […]


C.P. Cavafy: The Poetics of History and the Music of Poetry (1st day)

A series of illustrated presentations in English, by Bettany Hughes, Anastasios Ioannis Metaxas, Nikos Tsouchlos, Stefanos Geroulanos and Peter Mackridge followed by a concert with the first musical settings of Cavafy’s poetry by Dimitris Mitropoulos, with Angelica Cathariou and Thodoris Tzovanakis. The event will be complemented by an exhibition of coins, posters and paintings related to the work of the Alexandrian poet, to mark the English edition of the book C.P. Cvafy:Historia […]


C. P. Cavafy, The Historical Sense and Hellenism

Part of the lectures in English on Modern Greece and the Classical Tradition. An Introduction to Modern Greek Literature and Culture with Dr Polina Tambakaki (King’s College London). The session will look at the ancient world in Cavafy’s poetry, paying special attention to the city of Alexandria (real and imagined) and Cavafy’s statement: ‘I am a poet-historian’. Language: English, all texts will be read in English translation. Tickets £10, Hellenic […]