Brexit: An unorthodox view

A Guardian Live event with Yanis Varoufakis and others. A troubled Britain is on its way out of a troubled European Union. Disintegration and xenophobia are in the air. The government in London is in disarray. But so is every other government in Europe, not to mention the European Commission whose authority is tending increasingly towards zero. The only forces to be gathering strength everywhere are those of what might […]


‘Leading Not Leaving’, a rally with the Cypriot Community

The European Movement and the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK have organised a ‘Leading Not Leaving’ rally in North Finchley to urge UK Cypriots to vote for the UK to remain in the European Union on 23rd June. There are an estimated 300,000 Britons of Cypriot origin who live and work in the UK. The rally will highlight why it benefits the Cypriot diaspora for the UK to remain a […]