Christina Moutsou, ‘Layers’ – book launch

Across the years, four people, caught up in the maelstrom of a family secret, attempt to come to terms with its aftermath. From London to Athens, from Thessaloniki to Paris, their various trajectories form an intricate story like the many layers of a sumptuous cake. An inner journey and at the same time a kaleidoscope of perspectives, which has at its heart the never-ending search for redemption. An enthralling portrayal […]


Reporting the Road to Brexit: Media and EU Referendum 2016

REPORTING BREXIT – BOOK LAUNCH To mark the launch of the new book ‘Reporting the Road to Brexit’ (Ridge-Newman et al. 2018), we are holding a panel event in partnership with the UK in a Changing Europe at Kings College London, 6pm, 29 June, 2018. Speakers include Drs Anthony Ridge-Newman, Fernando León-Solís and Marina Dekavalla as well as media practitioners and the UK in a Changing Europe team. Refreshments provided. The […]


‘Game Over – The Inside Story of the Greek Crisis’ book launch

Book launch of ‘Game Over – The Inside Story of the Greek Crisis’ by George Papaconstantinou Speaker: George Papaconstantinou, Former Greek Finance Minister Chair: Professor Kevin Featherstone, Head of the European Institute; Eleftherios Venizelos Professor of Contemporary Greek Studies and Professor of European Politics, LSE Book Synopsis: Six years since the Greek crisis erupted, Europe has been fundamentally transformed, while Greece is in its third bailout, still in severe social […]