Rebetiki Serenata Vol.3

Rebetiki Serenata is a regular event with various artists from UK that play Greek rebetiko. This is the third instalment and it will be an evening filled with beautiful, soul searching melodies, compelling dance-provoking rhythms, in the nostalgic but very alive atmosphere of Greek Rebetiko. Dunja Botic – Vocals Pavlos Carvalho – Bouzouki and vocals Spiros Bolovinis – Bouzouki and vocals George Stamatis – Guitar and vocals   Tickets : […]


A journey to Crete – Gosmanis/ Ziarkas/ Pav Mav

Balabam presents a journey to the music of Crete brought to you by some of the pioneers of the Cretan music scene in London, the young Lyra prodigy Vangelis Gosmanis and Pav Mav, Nikos Ziarkas from Balothizer. Vangelis Gosmanis – Cretan Lyra Pav Mav – Vocals, Percussion Nikos Ziarkas- Cretan Lute • in collaboration with Figoura – school of dance Admission £7 Figoura students £4   Balabam, 58-60 High Road, […]


Bonnendis album launch with guests

Bonnendis is a London-based quartet featuring the raw sounds of the Greek islands with the iconic tsambouna (bagpipes), lyra and laouto. Bonnendis – the mist hovering over the mountain villages on the island of Karpathos – navigates from island to island, performing traditional melodies as you would hear them back home: genuine, powerful and uplifting. Thodoris Ziarkas (Valia Calda, London Improviser’s Orchestra) brings wild dance and rhythm with his karpathian […]


Rebetiki Serenata at Balabam

Come and enjoy the beautiful, soul searching melodies… the foot tapping, finger clicking rhythms and the nostalgia of Greek Rebetiko. An evening dedicated to the sounds of the 1930s to 50s that meandered their way through the streets of Athens and from the ports of Smyrna to Peiraias. With: Dunja Botic, voice Giorgos Stamatis, voice, guitar Spiros Bolovinis, voice, bouzouki, baglama Pavlos Carvalho, voice, bouzouki, baglama Tickets here. Balabam, 58-60 […]


Antonis Apergis live

Hail from Athens for Only one show Antonis Apergis worked as a musician and arranger with some of Greece’s most important singers and musicians. He has also collaborated with Arab musicians, with the Turkmen group Ashkabad and with the salsa group Tierra Negra. He has recorded 5 albums with his compositions and 2 solo albums as an oud player. He has taught electric guitar at the Odeio Kentriko, and folk […]


Vembo, the Voice of Greece at Balabam

“Where there is one Greek, there is Greece!” A legendary woman, singer and actress that was adored by an entire nation and its diaspora! She became known for her passionate love songs and dramatic roles in theatre and film and was hailed as the ‘Voice of Greece’ when she used her music to support the troops during World War II against the Italians. This evening will attempt to encapsulate a […]


Kourelou at Balabam

Kourelou is a Greek word meaning ‘Patchwork.’ The band draws on Greek roots as well as music from other areas of the South Balkans to produce a vibrant musical mash with a contemporary twist. Do not expect muzak versions of Zorba and do not bring plates to break. Instead get ready to experience music that has unbelievable traditional diversity and wealth in a way that is engaging, jazzy and dynamic. […]


Musicians of London for Athens

In light of the recent tragedy that hit the suburbs of Athens, where wildfires left dozens of people dead, and hundreds more missing and injured, Greek folk musicians of London and their friends are holding a fundraising concert. This Saturday 28th July join Cigdem Aslan and Tahir Palali, Athur Methau, Mutsumi Abe, and members of the bands Anatolian Collective, Amaraterra, Nefes, Pakaw, Peran, Peyman Heydarian and the Voice of the […]


Dancing in the breeze of Greek islands

“Everybody Dance Now! Join us in our Greek Night and dance your shoes off! Our house band will take you on another inclusive musical journey around the traditions of the Greek Islands! •• Featuring •• Dunja Botic : vocals Nikos Ziarkas : lute Michael Iskas : violin Pav Mav : vocals | percussion Vassilis Chatzimakris – composer : lyra Music starts at 6pm Tickets: £5 on the door” Balabam, 58-60 […]


Greek Night with Live Music at Balabam

Join us in our special medley of Greek music! Travel in space and time with our wonderful musicians as they explore styles from all over Greece and its rich musical heritage! The uniqueness in Greek music lies in its dance moves… So wear your dancing shoes! Prepare for a Greek-themed party full of Opas! …and (imaginary) plate-breaking! Featuring: Dunja Botic : vocals Nikos Ziarkas : lute Thodoris Ziarkas : lyra […]


Rebetiko Carnival gig

The Final performance has arrived. Join us for a gig of beloved rebetiko songs presented by Spiros Bolovinis and the RC Rebetiko Jammers. This is all the culmination of three sessions since February so please do come and support the fruits of their hard work. It is going to be great fun and a great concert. Tickets: £5 for members of the public, on the door. For more information please […]


Greek Party night at Balabam

The first Greek Party of the year hosted at Balabam on the 13th of January. Come ready to dance and jump and sing with us. There will be many amazing musicians gathered from different bands , all together at Balabam stage. The Show starts with the trio ‘Tip the waiter’ with some beautiful rebetika and continues with music from all over Greece. Kourelou members will take part. You can join us […]