Once upon a time in Greece

“Plastikes Karekles represent a culture of reinvention as defiant and hopeful as the music itself.” – Song Lines magazine Once Upon a Time in Greece is a Plastikes Karekles project that takes us on a journey through different golden eras of Greek music. Starting from the music of Smyrna and Asia minor, through to Rebetiko, Arhondorebetiko, then more popular Laiko music. We continue our journey making stops at the beautifully […]


Natassa Bofiliou live at KOKO

Athens 2016. A city reborn from its ashes, shedding off illusions and certainties of the past, bidding farewell to old ideas and sailing towards uncharted territories. “Babel”, a kaleidoscope of popular music from Greece and the Balkans, jazz, tales of people who fall in love, sink in pain and despair, get drunk, laugh their hearts out.  A once-in-a-lifetime momentum, captured by three of the most talented artists of their generation: […]