‘Sincerely yours’ – a theatrical performance

The Mirror Theatre presents the theatrical performance “Sincerely yours” The performance is based on excerpts of Franz Kafka’s “Letter To his father”. The Letter is a cerebral, literary reconstruction of Kafka’s measured yet fierce outburst of anguish and disappointment against his authoritarian and oppressive father’s abusive behaviour. The performance is the psychographic depiction of Kafka’s attempt at self-therapy from a traumatised childhood. The two-sided Kafka’s persona confronts the malfunctioning parental […]


Sincerely yours

Mirror Theatre’s new production. “Sincerely yours” Theatrical extracts from Franz Kafka’s letter to his father. It is a testimony of the dramatic conflict between the father and the son; A literary masterpiece with talks about the “parental law” and a fathers intentuan to impose. Franz Kafka is fighting to make his own way always under his father “critical shadow”. Venue: ANDIPA 162 Walton St. London, SW3 2JL Sunday 2 December […]


”Youkali” The Pursuit of Happiness

A journey, in three acts, through people’s different perceptions of what Happiness is; where it is found; and how we can keep it: This nostalgic performance includes literature, poems, theatre, haunting songs and atmospheric music played on the piano accordion. People cannot fail to be drawn into this musical journey in search of the Youkali that exists within each of us. The show is based on K.Weill’s “Youkali” song. Devised […]