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Great Expectations

By Charles Dickens Adapted by Lydia Vie Directed by Anastasia Revi Everyone in this story had great expectations: betterment, revenge, love, fortune, redemption, freedom. It all started with a beautiful young bride, in love, on her wedding day, many years before. The wedding never happened. The clocks stopped at twenty to nine on that ill-fated day at Satis House, and she has a story to tell. How did the ecstasy of love […]

Anazstasia Revi as Lucrezia Borgia

Lucrezia the Sinner, Lucrezia the Saint

by Penny Fylaktaki directed and performed by Anastasia Revi Translated by Vassiliki Misiou and Penny Fylaktaki Edited by Lydia Vie Lucrezia Borgia, alternatively ruthless political schemer and victim of historical circumstance, awaits entry to the kingdom of heaven following her demise. Her ‘apologia’ presents juxtaposing accounts of her earthly existence: innocent victim of corruption exploited to serve political interests, to willing accomplice with rumours of indulgence, incest, orgies and murder. […]


Anastasia Revi interview on Lucretia

Αναστασία Ρεβή: Η Λουκρητία Βοργία ήταν μια γυναίκα διαφορετική ‘Lucretia the Sinner, Lucretia the Saint’ – η νεότερη παραγωγή του Theatre Lab Company έρχεται στο Λονδίνο την Κυριακή 13 και τη Δευτέρα 14 Οκτωβρίου (7.30 μ.μ.) μετά την επιτυχία που είχε στην Οξφόρδη πριν από λίγους μήνες. The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH Πληροφορίες: 020 7258 2925 Εισιτήρια. Η παράσταση διάρκειας 90 λεπτών είναι στα ελληνικά με αγγλικούς […]


Mothers and Lovers, classic drama

Coming up at The Playground Theatre on 15 & 16 June is ‘Mothers and Lovers’ a classic drama inspired by the most profound relationships of classic repertoire. Directed by Anastasia Revi Writers like A. Chekhov, H. Ibsen, F.G. Lorca, T. Williams, B. Brecht and A. Strindberg dive into the ocean of emotions, dreams, absurdities and unfulfilled desires, only to remind us how fragile we are… Tickets here. The Playground Theatre, […]


Splinters by Praxis

Splinters are the small pieces of wood that penetrate the skin, or the fragments of a shattered impression. 7 short stories that together synthesise an ensemble, a play about human relationships. 7 dialogues among friends, lovers, family members or internal, self-dialogues, that bring to light the never-ending quest for happiness, freedom, self-conscience and identity through our day to day interactions. The struggle between solitude and co-existence, between the self and […]


Don Juan by Molière

Presented by Theatre Lab Company, translated by Brett Bodemer and directed by Anastasia Revi Theatre Lab Company bring Molière’s DON JUAN to Hoxton Hall. This follows their acclaimed SALOME at Hoxton Hall in February 2017, and recent applauded production of Daphne du Maurier’s JAMAICA INN at Tabard Theatre. Charming… egocentric… atheist… philanderer… recently wed, Don Juan is about to commit adultery against his new wife. Accompanied by his servant, Sganarelle, […]


The Actor Creates the Character

Workshop for actors with Anastasia Revi. Theatre Lab Company has the reputation of “magic, mesmerising and visually stunning shows that look like films where everything is moving”. Those productions that are vibrant, different and highly aesthetic are based on a series of techniques and methods that derive from imagination, physicality, precision, vocal range, clarity and emotional flexibility. These are special qualities that empower the actor to transform into another character […]


I Want a Country

How has suddenly everything fallen apart? In the aftermath of a crisis, the old ways no longer serve as a means of coping with a new reality. Inspired by the current social situation in Greece, this is not just a play about Greece. The meltdown of the ‘Country’ as we know it brings about a popular demand for change. The young take over the scene with a plea for a […]


Salome, the forbidden play by Oscar Wilde

Decadence… beauty… lust… envy… desire. The words of a prophet, a mother’s envy, a stepfather’s desire, a spoilt young girl’s demand, and a dance that turns the moon red… Theatre Lab’s Salomé is a spellbinding visual spectacle set in the 1930s where King Herod celebrates his birthday with a sumptuous banquet in the decadent and beautiful Victorian Hoxton Hall. Highly acclaimed, critics and reviewers internationally have noted its aesthetic, excellent performances, […]