Three Days Of Disappearing

Thanasis Gavos   Thursday, 30 November - Saturday, 2 December 2017; 7:15-8:45pm

Lisa comes back home from a rave and finds a dead body in her apartment. She doesn’t know who is this person and how it ended up in her living room.

”Three Days Of Disappearing” is a meditative, urban, fairytale-esque exploration of an emotional unfulfillment and continuous yearning. The characters question themselves and an audience what is the point of belonging, how to accept changes and when do we stop to search.

Surreal cinematography captures a woman being stuck in a room full of recurring daydreams. Enigmatic music takes spectators through translucent layers of dreams and nightmares. Meanwhile, performers tell a story of searching and letting go.

‘memories…I don’t know…they are like ghosts…haunting your imagination…smiling at you…as if they were still real, until they start fading, until you are not sure if they are real anymore…I have never been sure of my own existence you know… I am always looking for the ways to prove…and every day the prove I have is not enough… and every day it’s less and less clear…the image of my own self is gradually fading into a ghost until it will be gone completely, and then everyone will doubt my existence anyway…’

The work is inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short story ”No Particular Night Or Morning” and is performed in English, Spanish, and Greek.

Imagined by Anna Soboleva


Maria Kiriaki Fotiadou

Ksenia Taranenko

Charly Martelli

Alicia Macanas

Sound: Maxim Sant’Orsola and Anna Soboleva

Film: Miguel Maldonado

About Liquid Moon Theatre

”Liquid Moon” is a multinational theatre company that uses the language of embodied emotions, sound, and visual symbolism to create dream-like narratives.

Largely inspired by the aesthetics of dance and film we blend in one spoken word, cinematography and movement. We aim to immerse our audiences into questioning, thinking and looking at the notion of art, science, and life from different angles and perspectives. LMT is not looking for clear answers, but hoping to leave spectators with a certain realization, that doesn’t have to be fully understood but rather felt.

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