Thrax Punks Live @ Boston Music Room

Thanasis Gavos   Sunday, 10 February 2019; 7:00-11:00pm
Thrax Punks

One Leg Promotions & Goodheart Productions proudly present:

ΘΡΑΞ ΠΑΝΚC – Thrax Punks Live for the first time in London, UK

SUNDAY ,FEBRUARY 1Oth // Boston Music Room

178 Junction Road, London, United Kingdom N19 5QQ

We dare you! Try not to move your body while Thrax Punks smash the stage!

How could the traditional Thrace carols ever be related to punk? It all started with this question in mind when George Stavridis (davul, Thracian lyre, vocals) and Vaitsis Charakopidis (bagpipe/gaida, caval, zurna, vocals) decided, back in 2008, that they would get together and start playing in various gatherings, such as street parties, fairs and …weddings!

Influenced by many different music genres, with the Greek underground punk scene being the common denominator of their relationship, they continued to adopt several elements on their music. In autumn 2015 they met Panos Gkinis (guitar) during a jamming session, and he joined the band.

After having played in many gigs all around Greece, they decided to record their first demo called “ΠΑΝΚΟΠΑΝΥΓΗΡΟΨΥΧΕΔΕΛΙΑ” (punk mixed with fete Thracian party music and psychedelic music).Their first LP is about to be released during 2019 as well, after months of recordings between gigs,festivals and parties.

Mixing ingredients of music and cultures from all around the world, there is no word or particular music genre describing their sound.Bagpipes, tobors, lyres and everything else they may stumble upon are the tools they use to smash every scruple and lead to a germinal feast!

178 Junction Road,
London N19 5QQ

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