The Trojan Women

Thanasis Gavos   Sunday 30 June - Tuesday, 2 July 2019; 7:30pm
K. Kavakiotis, Theatre Deli, Trojan Women

Mazi Theatre presents Euripides famous anti-war play;
‘The Trojan Women’ directed by Konstantinos Kavakiotis.

In the Greek camp, on the coast of the looted Troy, the enslaved Trojan women and their queen, Hecuba, are mourning for their tragic fate. Those who are left alive by the royal family will be given as a gift to the Greeks, while the grandson of Hecuba, is demolished by the walls, a victim of the cruelty of the conquerors. The flames wipe out Troy and the desperate women are waiting to face their destiny…

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Theatre Deli London, Theatre Delicatessen, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London EC2M 2PA

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