The Philosopher’s Stove at The Life Goddess

Thanasis Gavos   Mondays, 16, 23, 30 May & 6 June 2016

The Philosopher’s Stove has set sail for new adventures. In London this time. We’re very pleased to announce not just one but four (yes, that’s correct) upcoming events at one of the best Greek restaurants in London.

We’ve teamed up with The Life Goddess in Carnaby Street to bring you the true taste of Ancient Greece. We’ll be taking over the kitchen on the following dates:
Monday 16th May
Monday 23rd May
Monday 30th May
Monday 6th June


The menu is very exciting; Ancient Summer Salad, Olive Relish, Mino’s Bite from salads, hot mezes such as The Argonauts Larder, Dionysus’ Finger Food, mains to choose from will include our new special which was created for the occasion: “The Life Goddess” – kid goat marinated in milk and honey, black pepper and asafoetida with sauce made from red wine, olive oil, honey and dates, Circe’s Pig, Archestratus’ Horaion, Cicero’s Burger and for those with a sweet tooth, sweets such as Fruits of Pothos and Honey & Ricotta Pies.

We’re very proud and super excited to be working with such a successful and well-established business. Not to mention the great crew!

No tickets this time. Just drop by and taste some of the delicious stuff Thom and Stathis will prepare for you. And Christina will be there too to say ‘hi’ and talk about the food. Usual stuff.

More info and menus here.

The Life Goddess,
Kingly Court, Carnaby, 1st floor,
London W1B 5PW

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