The Many Faces of Hellenic Culture

A new book by Sydney/London write Billy Cotsis.

‘The Many Faces of Hellenic Culture’  is a collection of tales from the author’s own experiences to magical locations from across the globe that even the history books have forgotten.

They’re ‘magical’ because what the people of these Hellenic communities have achieved seems to defy belief. Hellenic culture surviving against a background of a dwindling Diaspora and the absence of government assistance; and the Hellenic language enduring despite native speakers being a rarity in many of these regions.

This book covers storied gathered by Billy Cotsis in a range of Hellenic communities located in Albania and Ukraine and almost ‘everywhere’ in between!

The book is available on Amazon Create Space, Kindle and soon enough in various bookshops.

“The Many Faces of Hellenic Culture” by Mr Billy Cotsis

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