The Big Band is back

After the success of our December acoustic Big Band gig, musicians from London’s favourite bands, Plastikes Karekles, Peran, Amalgama, Kourelou, come together again to celebrate Rebetiko and raise money for the Rebetiko Carnival Charity. Come and enjoy an afternoon of the most loved rebetiko songs…plus a few unkown beauties, with an orchestra of bouzoukia, baglamas, guitars, singers and whoever else can make it.

The band…so far:

Marina Deligianni, voice
Olcay Bayir, voice
Catherine Clambaneva, voice
Manolis Taouxis, bouzouki, voice
Pavlos Carvalho, bouzouki, baglama
Spiros Bolovinis, bouzouki, baglama
Utkan Cagri Kocak, bouzouki
Nikos Kotsoglou, bouzouki
Maria Tsirodimitri, guitar
George Stamatis, guitar
George Tsolakis, guitar
Alexis Dimitriadis, violin

Please keep an eye on this. The band is subject to change.

All musicians fees go towards the Rebetiko Carnival Charity.

Green Note,
106 Parkway,
London NW1 7AN

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