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‘Acclaimed children’s theatre company Peut-Être Theatre are making a brand new show this September at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We have a fantastic opportunity to create it alongside children at the hospital, not only offering workshops and bedside visits, but also letting patients and their families really shape the final show.

We have been supported by GOSH Arts to work with Great Ormond Street Hospital, but to get our show up and running, and out on the road, we need some support. Our dates are secured and our Autumn 17 and Spring 18 tours are booked but we need your help to help make this happen.


When it starts out ship-shape, there’s only one way for it to go… this dance-theatre show gets all messed up!

As we wriggle our way through the muddle of life we often discover things anew. So why can’t tidiness be exciting for children or chaos joyful for parents? Who said there’s a ‘right way’ anyway?

This show is a witty and uplifting journey discovering if chaos and order can ever live side-by-side… with plenty of surprises, Tidy Up is an unforgettable party!

In Autumn 2017 Tidy Up will premiere at Great Ormond Street Hospital and will then go tour to:

With further venues and locations confirmed for the tour in Spring 18.

We started researching and developing our ideas for Tidy Up in December 2016 at Roundhouse, London and in local schools with our excellent team:

  • Director: Daphna Attias
  • Movement Director: Ayse Tashkiran
  • Costume Designer: Amy Jackson
  • Sound Designer: Yaniv Fridel
  • Lighting and Space Designer: Jackie Shemesh
  • Performers: Maya Politaki, Charlie Hendren and Anna Woolhouse
  • Stage manager: Faith Rowley

We made lots of new exciting discoveries and had lots of new ideas:

  • We want to make a show where the audience is as important as the performers.
  • We are excited about the interplay between chaos and order, and how one can quietly or loudly slip from one to the other.
  • We discovered that a sausage is always quite funny.
  • And we now know what is the best type of cake to stand on.

But there is still loads more to find out, lots of mess to clear up… and a whole show to make!

Peut-Être’s most ambitious project to date Tidy Up needs it’s final push in order to allow over 6000 children across the UK to enjoy a creative, uplifting and inspiring show.

Tidy up is the first project we’ve decided to use the Kickstarter platform for. We hope to find a new, honest, and transparent way to connect to our already existing community as well as newcomers. We’ve already raised some funds for the show but without your investment we won’t be able to make it as brilliant as we know it can be. Your contribution, each single pound, will help turn our ideas for Tidy Up into reality.

Everyone who helps to make this show a reality will receive a little something special from us.

Our rewards offer ways to get inside the making of this professional performance piece. You can sit in on a rehearsal, meet the incredibly creative members of the Tidy Up team, and see how some of our wildest ideas are transformed into real-life experiences for our audiences.

Whatever you can contribute, whether it’s £1 or £1,000, you’ll receive the lovely warm glow of knowing that you’re helping to create something special and extraordinary for an even more extraordinary audience.’

“Peut-Être Theatre raises the bar of children’s theatre in concept, design, and execution.” British Theatre Guide

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