Stelios Salvador and ‘Mora Sti Fotia’

Isaac Karipidis   Sunday, 4 November 2018; 7:00pm
Mora Sti Fotia, Stelios Salvador, The Garage

Stelios Salvador and his band “Mora Sti Fotia” are coming for the first time in London on Sunday, November 4th, at The Garage.

A legendary band that for three decades is an integral part of the history of the Greek alternative rock scene.

Stelios Salvador, the ultimate living legend of the scene, one of the most important Greek-speaking rockers and his most loyal representatives, comes with a group of prominent musicians to “fire” the city with his flammable songs (“Adrenaline”, “Manifesto”, “Kato Stin Poli”, “Pausipono”, “Chameleon”, “Salonika” some of the many) that inspired many young artists and rocked the waters of the Greek rock scene.

Versatile lyrics that have written their history in Greek music and have awakened our minds.

Gathering the tribe of “Aderfia Stin Kolasi” in London, for another live pandemonium!


The Garage
20-22 Highbury Corner
London N5 1RD

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