Stegosaurus – Edinburgh

Thanasis Gavos   Thursday, 2 - Saturday, 19 August 2017; 2:45pm
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Elpida Stathatou, Ersi Niaoti, Stegosaurus
A journey through black coffee, exposed bones and copies of Vogue, Stegasaurus explores our relationship with food, societal attitudes towards body image and sexuality and the many myths about eating disorders as they are perpetuated by Hollywood.
A truthful depiction of a young woman’s struggle to be normal while being 30, being anorexic and bulimic, and still living with her parents.
A one-woman play written by Ersi Niaoti and directed by Joe Hufton. Performed by Elpida Stathatou.
‘A mordant monologue’ (Stage).
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C venues – C royale (Venue 6)
Royal Society of Edinburgh,
22 George Street
Edinburgh EH2 2PQ

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