Stegosaurus at Vault Festival

Thanasis Gavos   Wednesday, 28 February - Sunday, 4 March 2018; 7:45pm (also 3:15 on Sunday)
Elpida Stathatou, Stegosaurus, Vault Festival

A drama of exposed bones and self-loathing. But hope survives.

★★★★★(Broadway Baby) Elpida Stathatou is “completely spellbinding” in this compelling drama which plunges the audience into a world of exposed bones, black coffee, cigarettes and self-loathing.

Stathatou earned critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe for her “unrelenting and heartfelt performance” (★★★★ Fringe Guru). She journeys into the darkness of a life torn apart by eating disorders. Yet there is hope, even humour.

Free of self-pity, this deeply moving one-woman show is dynamic with plenty of twists, turns and shifts of pace.

Described as “emotion in its purest, most innocent form” from Broadway Baby and a “powerful drama” by The Sunday Times, it is a vivid exploration of mental ill health that everyone can relate to.

Based on the personal experience of playwright Ersi Niaoti, Stegosaurus focuses on the experiences of a divorced woman of 30 who slides between bulimic binging, anorexic starvation, drug misuse, emotional abuse and rough sex.

Stathatou’s cool delivery gives a starkly matter-of-fact edge to the events and actions she recounts. She is an antidote to Hollywood’s glamourising of eating disorders and the fashion industry’s distorted image of what women should be.

Despite being gripped by the monstrous strength of her mental illness, there is another force at work in her character’s life that may prove even more tenacious.

Can it bring redemption, or merely respite?

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Network Theatre,
246A Lower Road,
London SE1 8SF


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