Splinters by Praxis

Splinters are the small pieces of wood that penetrate the skin, or the fragments of a shattered impression. 7 short stories that together synthesise an ensemble, a play about human relationships. 7 dialogues among friends, lovers, family members or internal, self-dialogues, that bring to light the never-ending quest for happiness, freedom, self-conscience and identity through our day to day interactions. The struggle between solitude and co-existence, between the self and the other.

Nina Rapi uses a simple but dense, full of substance theatric language and manages through the banality of everyday life stories to pose eternal existential and philosophical questions. The text, like splinters, quietly and subtly drills through to reach some deeper, inner thoughts, to arouse and to -an extent- annoy, reminding us the ephemeral of our being and the contradictions in our human, social nature.

PRAXIS and our director, Anastasia Revi, bring ‘Splinters’ into life, and as ever, are proud to present yet another piece from the Greek contemporary theatre scene to the Oxford audience.

Please note that Friday’s performance will be followed by a Q&A session with the playwright Nina Rapi.

The performance will be in Greek with English surtitles that will contain strong language.

Simpkins Lee Theatre,
Lady Margaret Hall,
Norham Gardens,
Oxford OX2 6QA.

Tel: 01865 274300


PRAXIS is the Oxford University Greek Society drama company.

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