South Social Meets Greece – Live Music by Perastiki Band

Yiannis Costopoulos   3 February 2018 - 6:30pm
Daphne Patakia, Tony Gatlif

South Social moves 2 miles south to the buzzing art district of Peckham! We have found a lovely new home in Theatre Peckham with 200 seats, larger than life screen, a fully stocked bar and a beautiful reception area to relax in.

We start 2018 with a Greek big bang, SOUTH SOCIAL MEETS GREECE will be a marathon of independent cinema, Greek-Turkish music, an Hellenic banquet and art video at its best.

On February 3rd we celebrate GREECE with a special preview of DJAM (France 97′) by master director TONY GATLIF. Gatlif, of Algerian and gypsy descent, has won more than 20 awards in his respected career. His films are dedicated to music, gypsies, migrants and underdogs.

DJAM is a roadtrip that will take you from the beautiful Aegean islands to Istanbul with a charming protagonist, DAPHNE PATAKIA, sent on a mission by her father to save the family from bankruptcy. DJAM puts a fresh, compassionate, left-field spin on Southern Europe’s current financial woes and migrant worries. Daphne Patakia will be present for a Q&A. Watch Djam trailer here.

Supporting the main feature film, is an intriguing art video WAKING PERSEPHONE (3′) by ALINA GAVRIELATOS, a super eclectic Greek-Canadian-Italian artist whose work ranges from paintings, sculptures, installations and performances.

Live music by wonderful Greek band, Perastiki (Passers-by) – part of SOAS REBETIKO, an emotionally charged storytelling style that spread from poor urban communities in Greece and Turkey to the islands of the Aegean.

Band line-up:
Christina Linda – vocals, percussion
Ilias Papavgeris – guitar, vocals
Loukas Drougas – bouzouki, baglama
Panos Papavgeris – guitar, vocals
Kostas Voros – bouzouki, vocals

Discover the Greek food culture with PAN, a labour of love. The food captures the essence of Greek cooking – freshness, seasonality, simplicity and sharing.

Theatre Peckham,
211 Havil Street,
Peckham SE5 7SD

Peckham Rye Station: bus 12, 36,171, 345, 436, 136, 36
Denmark Hill Station: bus 40, 176, 185, 484


£18 film+music / £28 film, music+food / £15 concessions

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