‘Sincerely yours’ – a theatrical performance

Thanasis Gavos   Saturday, 9 March 2019; 3:00pm   
Angeliki Petropetsioti, Mirror Theatre

The Mirror Theatre presents the theatrical performance

“Sincerely yours”
The performance is based on excerpts of Franz Kafka’s “Letter To his father”.

The Letter is a cerebral, literary reconstruction of Kafka’s measured yet fierce outburst of anguish and disappointment against his authoritarian and oppressive father’s abusive behaviour. The performance is the psychographic depiction of Kafka’s attempt at self-therapy from a traumatised childhood. The two-sided Kafka’s persona confronts the malfunctioning parental relationship that made his soul bleed with uncertainty and self-doubt for his entire life. The timid agonising son confronts the patriarchal, narcissist father, fights against his emotional oddness, depression and guiltiness only through his writings. The vibrant expression on paper of his inner dark thoughts with equal parts of pain and compassion becomes Kafka’s only escape to his brave and dynamic self, a hidden side of his devastated personality.

In reality, though, Kafka remains encaged in his deep fear and insecurity rooted in his bitter perception of the dominant father figure; that is his existential predicament torturing his soul to the end of his short life..

Saturday 9th March at 3.00pm

Drayton Arms Theatre,
153 Old Brompton Road,
London SW5 0LJ

Booking Essential:

Adaptation & Stage Direction: Angeliki Petropetsioti

George Vafakis
Matias Di Masso

Visual Concepts: Spyridon Koskinas

Artwork: Filippos Tsitsopoulos

Mirror Theatre

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