Rebetiko Raporto by Gavrilos Kokonas & Mousika Gefyria

After two very successful rebetiko events with Antonis Ainitis and Gavrilos Kokonas, Mousika Gefyria are once again thrilled to present – for a one off live performance- renowned Rebetiko Guitarist and Vocalist Gavrilos Kokonas and his new album Rebetiko Raporto.

A selection of Greek urban folk songs from the 1930s through to the 1950s .

Join us for a night of Rebetiko nostalgia and wonderful Music from a time when people were not afraid to live and love.

Line up :
Gavrilos Kokonas: bouzouki/guitar/vocals
Christos Vlachos: bouzouki/vocals
Elissavet Aravidou: vocals
Musume Abe: violin
Artur Matheu: double Bass
Miguel Luque: guitar

MostArt Centre
86 Stoke Newington High Street,
London N16 7PA.


About Mousika Gefyria

The format of “Mousika Gefyria” – (Musical Bridges) comes from an impulse to bridge the gap. A musical salon with many musical genres. Greek “urban” folk music of 1920- 1955 and its musicians were the starting point – an epoch filled with iconic memories which we didn’t live through but we feel as if we are a part of it. Icons that we have shared with artists through family and friends who live far away from us such as Nikos Argiropoulos, Gavrilos Kokonas, Antonis Ainitis, Noe Zaphiridis (“Dromos”), Fontas Xanthos, (“Rebetalika”) Chara Theologidou, Themis Papaminas and many others, iconic artists whom we got to know either through concerts or recordings, people who grew up nurturing and circulating this music which we also love, talking about it to us personally or directly through their artistic expression.
The name “Mousika Gefyria” is not at all random. Like the old folk song “The bridge of Arta” it is our yearning to bring you near to us. Failed attempts that occurred in the past to make you come and play with us as well as present difficulties, inspired this name – a name that is indigestible to European ears but we have no alternative but to express what we feel. We don’t expect you to stay here forever – we wouldn’t even want you to – but just for an evening so that we can sing all those songs that we love. Because a song always has a way of saying in the simplest manner everything you are feeling.

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