Rebetiko Carnival 2016 – full list of gigs

For the serious fans of Rebetiko there are ticket bundles that will allow you to join more concerts at a better price. For further information on the available offers and to book click here.

What you need to know about the concerts
Limited number of tickets will also be available at the door, even when online tickets are sold out, however to avoid disappointment it is good to book in advance.
Children aged 11 and under are admitted free of charge and do not need a ticket.
Ticket sales will be subject to a booking fee for all payment methods.

Concerts in London

SAT 4/6Homage to Vamvakaris - The Patriarch of Rebetiko
with Rebetiko Carnival Musicians
SUN 5/6Urban soundscapes of interwar rebetiko
with Evgenios Voulgaris, Ourania Lampropoulou
TUE 7/6"Tabachaniotika" - Rebetika and Folk Music of Crete
with Kalia
WED 8/6Homage to Nikos Papazoglou and the 'Neo-Rebetika': who said Rebetiko is dead?
with Action Esti
FRI 10/6PAKAW! - Love and New Beginnings
with PAKAW!
SUN 12/6The History of the Greek Folk Urban Songs - Rebetiko
with Rebetiko Carnival Musicians
TUE 14/Kourelou Live and Official Cd Launch
with Kourelou
guest: Manos Achalinotopoulos
WED 15/6An evening with 'Arhontorebetika' songs
with Action Esti
FRI 17/6Early Rebetika
with Megla
SUN 19/6Homage to Tsitsanis
with Gerasimos Andreatos, Marina Deligianni, Plastikes Karekles
guest: Manolis Pappos
TUE 21/6Esperanto: The Rebetika of the guitar
with Dimitris Mystakidis
WED 22/6The Rebetiko Roots and Folk Traditions Project: Far from home
with Rebetiko Carnival Musicians
FRI 24/6Lyricism of Smyrna
with Kyriakos Gouvendas, Marina Deligianni
SAT 25/6Greek Shadow Theatre (Karagiozis)
with Athos Danellis
music by: Kyriakos Gouvendas
TUE 28/6Songs of Istanbul
with Cidgem Aslan
WED 29/6Homage to Zambetas
with Pavlos Melas, Nikos Shacolas, Dunja Botic, & friends
SAT 2/7Rebetiko Carnival 2016 Closing Concert
with Rebetiko Carnival Musicians

Concerts outside London

SUN 5/6Homage to Vamvakaris - The Patriarch of Rebetiko - Brighton
with Rebetiko Carnival Musicians
SAT 11/6Homage to Tsitsanis - Bristol
with Marina Deligianni, Plastikes Karekles
SAT 18/6Homage to Tsitsanis - Shrewsbury
with Gerasimos Andreatos, Marina Deligianni, Plastikes Karekles
guest: Manolis Pappos
SUN 26/6Homage to Tsitsanis - Brighton
with Rebetiko Carnival Musicians

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