Dionysis Savvopoulos’ Concert – A Review

Wed, 31 Jan 2018; 15:20

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to see once more, Dionysis Savvopoulos (aka Nionios) perform live. It was better than I expected. Before I start I feel that I should thank Ark4Art for giving us the opportunity to experience Dionysis here in London. Especially in such a lovely venue such as the Union Chapel. The 8 o’clock start might felt a bit late but gave people time to grab something to eat […]

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Yannis Kotsiras – Exclusive Interview

Wed, 24 Jan 2018; 00:49

Yiannis Kotsiras returns to London for a concert on the 2nd of March. As part of his European Tour 2018, his bigger ever on the continent, and with new members in his band, he will kick off from Union Chapel for a night to remember. euGreeka’s Kostas Voros met him and spoke with him in Athens, a few days ago, just before he got on stage at ‘Stavros tou Notou’ music club, […]

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Dionysis Savvopoulos euGreeka interview

Fri, 19 Jan 2018; 00:43

Dionysis Savvopoulos is coming to London for a great concert! Prior to his visit here, our own Kostas Voros met him at the Stavros Niarhos Cultural Foundation in Athens on January the 3rd and watched him performing “Siderogiannos” (Σιδερόγιαννος), an old Greek folk tale. Appealing to both young and old, Savvopoulos confirmed what a great storyteller he is, narrating eloquently the story and accompanying it with his guitar. Don’t miss […]

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Stelios Tsoukias Live: Tribute to Pavlos Sidiropoulos – Review

Wed, 13 Dec 2017; 12:12

Yesterday evening I had the fortune, nay, the privilege to see Stelios Tsoukias and his band performing live at Zigfrid von Underbelly at Hoxton. The gig was a tribute to the late Pavlos Sidiropoulos. I didn’t know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. For the ones that know Pavlos’ voice will agree with with me that it’s not easy to imitate. Well, Stelios did not try that […]

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The Last Drive – Exclusive Interview

Wed, 15 Nov 2017; 20:47

We feel honoured that The Last Drive, ahead of their London concert at the Garage, gave an exclusive interview to our very own Kostas Voros. Please note that the interview is in Greek.

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Greek International Women Awards – Interview with Sofia Konstantopoulou (video, in Greek)

Fri, 6 Oct 2017; 09:59

Σοφία Κωνσταντοπούλου: «Τα Greek International Women Awards γεννήθηκαν για να τονώσουν τη γυναικεία αυτοπεποίθηση» Από την Κορίνα Γεωργίου (Η συνέντευξη δημοσιεύθηκε αρχικά στο marketnews.gr) Σε μια εποχή κατά την οποία στην Ελλάδα γίνεται πολλή συζήτηση γύρω από την αριστεία, τα Greek International Women Awards (GIWA) δημιουργήθηκαν με σκοπό να αναδείξουν και να επιβραβεύσουν τις εξαιρετικές επιδόσεις των Ελληνίδων και Κύπριων γυναικών ανά τον κόσμο. Σήμα κατατεθέν του ανερχόμενου θεσμού είναι […]

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Nannuka supports the Greek community in London

Tue, 26 Sep 2017; 19:05

Families get first 2 hours free for all childcarers’ and tutors’ services! Since launching in 2014, Nannuka.com has been committed to solving the care challenges that impact families, caregivers, employers and care service companies. Started off as the project of three entrepreneurs and mothers who turned their need of finding trustworthy child care experts into a thriving online market place. Today, Nannuka.com is one of the largest online destinations for […]

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Forget the Parthenon: how austerity is laying waste to Athens’ modern heritage

Tue, 12 Sep 2017; 17:01

Not that long ago I received a questionnaire through my door. How had the 1930s Bauhaus building in which I live survived the rigours of time? Who had designed it? Who was its first owner? And, the form went on, what were my memories of it? Circulated far and wide across Athens, the questionnaire and its findings are part of a vast inventory of 19th- and early 20th-century buildings that […]

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Thessaloniki in the spotlight: 100 years after a fire destroyed the city of refugees

Mon, 14 Aug 2017; 17:15

It was a spark from a homemade stove falling on a pile of straw at a refugees’ hovel that’s said to have instigated a new phase in the history of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city. A century ago, on 18 August 1917, the fire grew into an inferno that destroyed 9,500 houses, left 1 sq km of the city in cinders and 70,000 homeless. As the centre of operations for allied […]

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The man who has focused on one word for 23 years

Fri, 4 Aug 2017; 09:59

It’s 26 years since Yugoslavia broke into pieces and the republic of Macedonia came into being. In all that time, the new country has lacked an official, internationally agreed name, because of Greece’s objections to the name “Macedonia”. And for nearly all of that time, explains Alex Marshall, one man has been working to solve the problem. Matthew Nimetz wants to make something clear – he has not spent every […]

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Greek International Women Awards nominations are open

Fri, 28 Jul 2017; 12:31

The Greek International Women Awards (GIWA) has been created to recognise and reward the internationally distinguished professional achievements and outstanding performance of all women of Greek nationality and/or origin, who are spread across the globe. The GIWA ceremony will take place for the first time on the 9th December 2017, at the British Museum in London. Women, beyond 18 years old, of Greek nationality and/or origin are invited to submit […]

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Alexis Tsipras: ‘The worst is clearly behind us’

Mon, 24 Jul 2017; 12:16

Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, has promised to defy his critics by taking the country out of its longest-running crisis in modern times. “The worst is clearly behind us,” he told the Guardian in an exclusive interview. “We can now say with certainty that the economy is on the up … Slowly, slowly, what nobody believed could happen, will happen. We will extract the country from the crisis … […]

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