Postcards from Greece with Plastikes Karekles

Thanasis Gavos   Sunday, 3 February 2019; 3:00-8:00pm
Plastikes Karekles

An evening of traditional Greek food and Rebetika with music from the greatest names of the genre including Tsitsanis, Chiotis, Vamvakaris as well as some more contemporary greats such as Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Xarhakos and more.

This much anticipated special performance is being performed by the highly acclaimed Plastikes Karekles, arguably the finest group of musicians currently performing rebetika in the UK.

Any proceeds from this event will be donated to the Greek School at Christ the Saviour Church Welling. There will also be a raffle held to raise money for school equipment and activities.

Tickets for the event are £30 for adults and £15 for children under the age of 14. Price of the tickets is inclusive of a 2 course sit down meal to be chosen from the restaurants a la carte menu.
For a copy of the full menu please visit the restaurants website at www.dartfordgreektaverna.co.uk where you will also find vegetarian and vegan options available.

Please note: Any specific allergy notifications are to be communicated to the restaurant directly at least 48 hours before the event so that individual needs can be catered for.

Tickets for the event can be purchased by contacting us via email: [email protected] or by telephoning 079 5611 1595.

Doors to the restaurant will open at 3pm.

Dartford Greek Taverna,
59-65 Hythe St,
Dartford DA1 1BG

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